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☆ピープルズ・グリーン・ニュー・ディール  NEW

“Neither liberal nor social democratic policies have a structured approach to understanding imperialism, including its
ecological history      

☆米国教育のナチ化  NEW

The Nazification of American Education NEW


​​Left Internationalism in the Heart of Empire 


The War on Youth in the Age of Fascist Politics 


War and peace: Berlin Bulletin No. 201 


“Notes on Exterminism” for the Twenty-First-Century Ecology and Peace Movements 


Russia and the Ukraine crisis: The Eurasian Project in conflict with the triad imperialist policies 


One less traitor”: Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of political opposition 


☆The military situation in the Ukraine 



☆CIAはウクライナに「新種アル=カーイダ」を育成、ロシアと代理戦争をやらせる画策、及び米国内テロとの戦争という抑圧政策の… NEW

Ukraine and the new Al Qaeda 


Impacts of warming faster and more severe than expected says IPCC 


Understanding Ukrainian Nazism 

☆家族企業・中小企業資本主義 の反乱   

☆Family Capitalism and the Small Business Insurrection 


☆Russia, Ukraine and tthe chronicle of a war foretold  


☆Israel’s dirty arms trade secrets 


☆NATO as Religion 

☆米国におけるパンデミック の政治経済と今後 

The Political Economy of the Pandemic in the U.S. and Moving Forward 


Kazakhstan turns into graveyard for U.S. diplomacy   


☆On January 4, the Mumbai police booked the alleged perpetrators of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app 

White supremacy, Nazism and fascism R U.S. 


​☆Sandinistas won a landslide victory not through fraud but because they uplifted Nicaragua’s poor  NEW


Central Asia’s neoliberal tragedy 


☆The US and China: A Productive Path Forward 

☆IPCC(気候変動に関する政府間パネル)報告事前リ リ ース 

Advance Release! The Leaked IPCC Reports: Notes from the Editors, October 2021 

☆ブラジル、アマゾン、世界 ― フェイクニュースと社会契約 

Brazil, Amazon, World: Fake News and the Social Contract 


COVAX:a global multistakeholder group that poses political and health risks to developing countries and multilateralism


☆Biden Reneged on Cuban Campaign Promise 


☆Birds of a Fascist feather: why Israel is aiding Colombia’s crackdown on protesters 


Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap 


Digital colonialism: the evolution of American empire 


☆The Tax Trap 

☆二月革命ービルマの 軍経済、軍官僚主義、軍の旧体制を人民民主主義体制へ代える闘い 

☆February revolution in Burma 


☆Dean Baker on Beating Inequality & COVID-19: Tackle Patent and Copyright Monopolies    NEW


☆All Shook Up: The Politics of Cultural Appropriation 


☆Ecosocialism: A vital synthesis 


COVID 2021: More calamity ahead? 

☆人新世海洋の三重危機 第三部:原子爆弾の36億倍の熱 

Triple Crisis in the Anthropocene Ocean. Part Three: The heat of 3.6 Billion Atom Bombs 

☆人新世海洋の三重危機 第二部:酸素欠乏  

Triple Crisis in the Anthropocene Ocean. Part Two: Running Low on Oxygen  


ies on the Line 

☆拡大する環境保護運動「絶滅への反逆」、ロンドンで逮捕者 1400 人超に 

☆人新世の海洋の三重危機 第一部:海洋腐蝕 

Triple Crisis in the Anthropocene Ocean. Part One: Corrosive Seas 

☆労働者階級の統一:マイケルD. イエイツとのインタビュー  

☆Forging unity within the working class: an interview with Michael D. Yates   


Bolivia’s Perfect Storm: Pandemic, Economic Crisis, Repressive Coup   


COVID-19, capitalism and climate  


​☆I Hope Our Daughters Will Not Be Punished 

☆チェ・ゲバラの遺産 ― キューバの新型コロナウィルス感染症医療国際主義 

How Che Guevara Taught Cuba to Confront COVID 19   
The COVID-19 crisis and the end of the ‘low-skilled’ worker 
☆ Popular agrarian reform and the struggle for land in Brazil 



☆Why coronavirus could spark a capitalist supernova   


☆Growing xenophobia against China in the midst of CoronaShock    

☆新型コロナウィルス感染症(covid 19 )に関するインタビュー  

☆Capitalism is a disease hotspot” 

☆気候変動と第三次世界大戦を結びつけるNATO 軍事演習  

NATO’s Arctic War Exercise Unites Climate Change and WWIII 

☆今や燃えているぞ (ジョン・ベラミー・フォスター著、脇浜義明訳)

On Fire This Time  John Bellamy Foster

☆物質代謝怪物 ― 人新世における吸血鬼資本(脇浜義明訳)

Metabolic Monstrosities: Vampire Capital in the Anthropocene

☆In the Ruins of the Present   Vijay Prashad.

現在の廃墟の中で (ヴィジャイ・プラシャド著、脇浜義明訳)

☆進行する退行 ― ヨーロッパ的社会政策の変貌(ヴォルフガンク・シュトレーク、脇浜義明訳) 

PROGRESSIVE REGRESSIONーMetamorphoses of European Social Policy Wolfgang Streeck 

Populism Is Not the Answer to Neoliberal Fascism  

☆ポピュリズムはネオリベラル・ファシズムへの解決策にならない(ヘンリーA. ジルー、脇浜義明訳)

☆Making capitalism history Posted Jul 11, 2019 by Faramarz Farbod 

☆人類救済は資本主義を終わらせることから (ファラマーズ・ファーボード、脇浜義明訳)

Vijay Prashad and CJ Polychroniou:To Be Effective, Socialism Must Adapt to 21st Century Needs 


☆What Can We Learn From the History of Struggle Against White Supremacy? 


Gossip girls:Posted Apr 06, 2019 by Eds. 


Ruth MilkmanImmigrants :Didn’t Kill Your Union

☆移民労働が組合を潰したのではない (ルース・ミクマン著、 脇浜義明訳)        

 Sweezy on the rise of fascism  Posted Feb 20, 2019 by Fabian Van Onzen


Richard Greeman: Yellow and Red Z Communications Daily Commentary

☆黄色と赤(リチャード・グリーマン著、脇浜義明訳)出典:ZCommunication Daily Commentary, 2019年2月12日

☆ Henryk Kozlowski:Workers' Struggles Lithuania

☆ リトアニアの教員ストライキ (ヘンリック・コズラウスキー著、脇浜義明訳)

Arundhati Roy: Fiction & Fascism Z Communications Daily Commentary

☆アルンダティとの対話 ― 創作活動とファシズム(ローラ・フランダース著、脇浜義明訳)